Balancing Immigration Streams

Everything comes with a price and no truer words were spoken when it comes to immigration to Canada. In the article quoted below there is a concern expressed about how the Syrian refugee program may be displacing the number of economic migrants coming to Canada this year. There is no free lunch as they say. Were processing times and bureaucracy improved as they should be, such a shift would be more bearable. But there is no evidence of any improvements being made in those categories under the new Liberal regime – at least not at the moment. The result is we have more economic burden with less economic benefit so-to-speak, that is to say, more refugees whose cost is escalating at least according to some sources, while we are losing out on the economic benefits on the investor and entrepreneur migration side of the equation.  But c’est la vie as they say – that is what politics is all about – deciding priorities.

Business groups fear refugees and immigrant families will crowd out spaces for foreign workers in Canada


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