Intervention in Hoduras Could Stem The Flow of Illegals

There’s nothing like hitting the source when it comes to turning the tide on illegal immigration and one such effort is underway now in Honduras according to the article in the Wall Street Journal below. Flight from crime has been a major source of illegal immigration to the United States as Hondurans, Salvadorans and Nicaraguans come up the spine of Latin America on the Bestia train in the hopes of finding refuge in the U.S. The mistreatment of such fleeing individuals, particularly women and children, has been a subject of outrage in America but until now, little has been done to stem the flow effectively in this manner. Hopefully such raids will make life a little easier back home and that in turn could turn the tide on the illegal immigration front. Investments of this nature make a whole lot more sense than building a bigger, better wall on the Mexican- U.S. border and ‘getting Mexico to pay for it’ as Trump has campaigned.


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