Tough Times For Certain Visitors To Canada

The complaint of David Matas is a familiar one to immigration lawyers and consultants in Canada. There is no doubt that immigrants from non-visa-exempt countries are plagued by far more restrictive terms for coming to Canada than their counterparts in the EU or the U.S.A. for example. It would be interesting to hear more about what Matas wold propose to level the playing field. A few well-chosen federal court actions could turn the tide on such matters but the challenge is the cost and effort needed to set such precedents. The constitutional challenges program which has pretty much been narrowed down to Official Languages issues would have been a possible source of funding for such efforts, but not these days. So would-be immigrants from non-visa exempt countries continue to flounder and almost have to pull rabbits out of a hat to gain permission to visit. A day of reckoning will come, but when?


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