Sanity Returning to Canadian Immigration System

Bravo Mr. McCallum! At long last some sanity is being introduced into the Canadian immigration system. Making spouses of Canadians eligible for permanent residence on arrival makes imminent sense because such spouses presumably will be granted conditional residence and at the two year mark will still have to show that their spousal relationship is still in tact, thereby confirming the decision at the port of entry as correct. If there is any doubt, the immigrating spouse can be removed from Canada through normal removal proceedings. This is a much needed improvement over what exists today.

Also, it is my impression based on anecdotal evidence that there are over two million illegal immigrants living in Canada and many if not most of these have been in Canada for more than ten years in such status. It makes eminent sense for Canada to come up with some policy that would enable these people to come out of the shadows and be given a path to legal status provided they earn it. Such a policy might include, for example, agreement to pay a substantial fine of say, $ 2000 within two years,  a certain number of hours of community service – say for example 200 hours over two years, (or more if the person cannot pay the fine), proof of payment of back year’s taxes or agreement with Canada Revenue as to arrears,  conditional permanent residence on the condition that these matters are completed before permanent residence is granted and ultimately  placement at the back of the line for processing of permanent residence behind all applications currently in process as of the date of the announcement while conditional residence is renewed yearly.

See below for details of McCallum’s annoucement.


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